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The Mission

To offer honest guidance and support to all Waves holders, and those interested in investing in Waves.

Keep our community informed of all meaningful Platform updates through the Waves World website and The Waves Platform Cryptocurrency Club on Facebook.

Provide a trustworthy leasing node with transparent financials as a means for our members to maximize their investment in Waves Platform projects and currencies.

Our WavesWorld full node is hosted in a top tier data center and backed by a team of professionals. DeCryptIcon is in charge of the Node, and is a 37 year veteran in technology, having extensive experience running Cryptocurrency Masternodes. Mike Mooney is maintaining the WavesWorld website, and Facebook page.

Mr. Mooney will continue to provide free support to all Wavesters through our Facebook Waves Cryptocurrency Club. Here, we will share important Waves Platform News, Updates, and provide guidance for all Waves related questions. Weekly payments are sent out every Monday, and posted on our Facebook page.

Please check our How To section for more information about leasing your waves for weekly payments.

How to Lease your WAVES

Leasing or LPoS

LPoS (Leased Proof of Stake) gives you the opportunity to make the network stronger and safer while receiving more WAVES as a reward for doing so. It's the so called "leasing". Most people don't have 10.000 WAVES to run their own node, so they are still able to help the whole project through leasing their WAVES to someone who is able to run a node. The Waves World node pays lessors every Monday.

Open the Waves Lite Client in the Google Chrome App Store and log into your account.

Click on the Leasing Button.
This will be our important part. You have three editable boxes under "Balance Leasing".
Recipient. This box is where the Waves World Node address belongs.


After you logged into your account click on the Leasing Button in the middle of the window. The button looks like a "L". The new tab will open. Simply click the Lease button, and start earning Rewards.

Now you enter the number of Waves you wish to Lease, and click the Lease button. The lease will show in the transactions tab and you will now start accumulating reward payments. Waves lessors still receive airdrops, and they can cancel the lease at any time, if they decide to spend or trade their Waves. Most importantly, Leased Waves never leave your wallet and are in your full control at all times.


1If I lease, who has my Waves?
Leased Waves remain in your wallet, and under your full control at all times.
2If I lease, do I still receive token airdrops like WBTC or RiptoBux?
Yes, you will still receive token airdrops like WBTC, WCT or RiptoBux. You only lease your WAVES but they are still in your Wallet.
3Can I cancel my lease at any time?
You may cancel your lease at anytime on the leasing page. After 1000 blocks pass, you are able to spend your Waves.
4How do I earn Leasing Rewards?
After you begin leasing, you will receive Leasing payments from the Waves World Node. Payouts happen every Monday via a payment script. Lessors will receive 100% of all forged $Waves. We will be introducing a loyalty reward program in the coming months. Payouts are posted weekly on our Facebook page.
5 How long does it take to earn rewards?
Lessors begin accruing leasing rewards when 1000 blocks have passed after the initiation of your lease.

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